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By Hauken from Stacc

A weekly summary of the latest news in our world of finance, design, and technology.

A weekly summary of the latest news in our world of finance, design, and technology.

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Sbanken 💔 DNB

Half a year after DNB said they wanted to buy Sbanken, the Norwegian competition authority stopped the merger. The reason? The acquisition will weaken competition in the market for savings in funds. This is a surprising conclusion considering Sbanken has a ma…


The intersection of spreadsheets and design

Why invest in design? Design can at times be very abstract and hard to quantify. Here is five hard numbers, three stories, and one framework to back it up:


What is Fintech 3.0?

I haven't written about crypto and web3 for a couple of weeks. It isn't because of lack of news, but more about the hose of information and development happening. Most of the development happening is just copying traditional finance, but decentralized and mor…


👀 Why was Paypal eying Pinterest?

Last week PayPal was rumored to buy Pinterest. The deal was dropped, but it's an interesting move nonetheless. Competitive pressure from businesses like Shopify has allegedly pushed PayPal to look for solutions to move higher in the e-commerce funnel. Buying …


💻 BNPL in your browser

We've previously written about how browser plugins are an untapped market for Fintechs. It could be used for secure online payments and access your online bank as quickly as their mobile app. Klarna has seen this potential and launched a browser extension for…


Designing for users and developers

We're constantly talking about the importance of design. Someone who has understood this from day one is the most valuable fintech in the world, Stripe. They have recognized the value og user experience, both in terms of creating a better experience for the e…


💥 How to make great products

You don't make great products because you want to make great products. You make great products by creating the conditions in a company where great products are produced. Therefore project, and organizational structure and incentives are an integral part of cr…


🦸‍♂️ The rise of the super app

CEO of PayPal Dan Schulman thinks there are too many financial apps. He, therefore, wants to build a "super app" for consumers to manage payments, shopping, savings, investing, budgeting, crypto, and identity — all in one place. Last week, PayPal launched the…


🔁 It's getting easier to switch banks!

The banks in Norway are joining forces to make it easier to switch banks. The main problem of switching banks today are moving AvtaleGiro-agreements from one bank to another, and this process is soon going to be more straightforward:The short answer is that w…


How BNPL threatens Visa and Mastercard

Each year Gartner places emerging technologies on their Hype Cycle. Naturally, NFTs, a topic we often come back to, is at the top of the Peak of Inflated Expectations.. If Gartner is including NFTs on their Hype Cycle, it means that companies are thinking abo…


🤳 Disappointing QR-codes

For decades QR codes were mocked as a gimmick. Then a global pandemic hits, and they spread faster than the virus. This is the ultimate underdog story! Vipps has long been promoting QR codes as the future (probably because they couldn't use NFC in mobiles), b…


🤦‍♂️ Why are economists so stupid?

DNB is buying Sbanken, and the only thing standing in their way is the Norwegian Competition Authority. At the time being, they actually seem to be standing in their way because they are afraid how an acquisition will affect the fund market in Norway. This is…


NFT - bragging rights on the blockchain

Payments have constantly been predicted to be disrupted. But different forms of payments have proven to be more of an evolution than a revolution. Christoffer Hernæs has written about seven trends shaping the future of payments. One of the largest ones is, no…


🦔 The importance of friction

I have always claimed that friction is essential for a good creative process. Apparently, conflict is vital for banks to attain new customers as well: Bulder Bank is reporting that if the news outlets are quiet about switching banks and fair interest rates, i…


The summer of Buy Now Pay Later

We're back again after a fantastic Norwegian summer! Sadly a couple of you reported that the newsletter before the summer was added to spam. Likely because some of the headings were classic spam-bait. 😆🙈 If you want to avoid this going on, it could be wise to…


🏝 Go forth and waste time

I know I said we're going to take a break for July, but too many interesting things happened last week - so here is a bonus newsletter for you.


👩‍⚖️ AML – the world's most in-effective policy?

Amazon Prime members are willing to pay 10$ extra on their annual Prime fee to get a checking account from Amazon. So what's taking Amazon so long to offer an account? LinkWhat is Shopify? Your first guess might be an eCommerce platform, but Shopify has incre…


👌 Norway – the perfect test market for fintechs?

Norway is the perfect test market for fintech. It is well regulated and has a high level of digitization. The prerequisite for building something big is present in Norway, but a new report from Ontogeny Group shows a long way between the success stories. They…


🤫 FOMO no more

EU has proposed a unified digital ID system across all member countries. This would allow you to prove your age, address, or identity to a website in a standardized way without handing over more than needed. People with direct knowledge of the plan reveal tha…


☁️ The cloud is just someone else's computer

There is no doubt that the cloud is one of the most significant platform shifts in the history of computing. In Stacc, we have helped multiple clients launch their first product in the cloud. The value proposition is powerful: you get infrastructure available…